Sunday, January 24, 2010

MUET band 4 is a must

last week i went back to KL. again. the purpose im going back is to register for MUET. what is MUET? malaysia university english test. isnit? correct me if im wrong. hmm. to persue my dream and to fulfil my parents hope to become a lawyer. hah. is not an easy job though. the requirements to continue degree in law is quite high. your pointer must not below three and your muet must not below then band 4. for the 1st requirement is not a major problem for me and perhaps for the majority of pre-law student i guess. but the latter,the second requirement which is band 4 in muet is a big problem. for those who already got band 4 in muet congratulation.

but for those are not including me. try again. although it is hard/tough doesn't mean it is impossible. if others can why not us. what we have to do is keep faith. keep believing that we can do it. and the next thing to do is we must workout on our grammar. maybe the words shouldn't be we but myself. I. I have to practice english everyday and make some exercise. yes. i mean it. every single day. regardless the quantity of the exercise. but the more the better. and dont forget to pray. ask for HIS help. the almighty.


rda hot said...

Good Luck then. Pray for me too. :)

Asyraf Azni said...

gud luck dude..
never give up! ;)