Wednesday, April 14, 2010


apa yang dimaksudkan sebenarnya ialah perlawanan persahabatan. last sunday there was a friendly match between ..... aa.. i dont know the name of the team i played for neither the opponent team. basically the team i played for is the team i called 'team abg2 besar' , but that is not their official name . i called that name because the team consist of abg2 besar. haha. besa sgt ke abg2 tu? haha. what i mean is they are much older compare to me. x lah tua mane. late 20's kot.

the best part is the game was held at night. it was my first time playing under the sport light. the game was held at padang DBKL near birckfeild. the condition of the field quite sad. water is everywhere. memang la en,bru lepas hujan. haha. ada gambar sikit. enjoy lah.


beruang said...

org pertama nk cument..
cam bez ja men time mlm..
aku pon tingin gak men rgby time mlm..