Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ranjau percintaan?

when i was first came here,when i knew my upu result last year i was like very blur. i dont have any knowledge about it,it also never caught my interest before. to be a lawyer have never been my ambition. if there was it is when i was in standard one or two, the time when i didn't know what is world and what is life really about.

but back then when i got this course i didn't know whether i'll go for this program or not. because i didn't know about it and i dont have any interest on it. but if i didn't go for this course where should i go to further my study? i don't want to burden my mum and my dad as we know IPTA is much cheaper then IPTS much cheaper. huh~

then i decided to go with the flow. i keep faith,this is the best for me from ALLAH s.w.t . and i need to do my best in order to be succeed in life and hereafter. ramai org ckp kita kena minat atau suka benda yg kita buat baru berkat dan mudah untuk berjaya. so,back then when i was in 1st sem when i was in my 1st class i need to give brief introduction about my self and why i choosing this course. so after i had introduced my self i said to the whole class that i'd never expect to got this course and never across my mind to be a legal practitioner,however i will learn to love this course and do my best to succeed.

then i learnt to love it and adopt with it until i want to be a legal practitioner and i really want it. ya allah tolonglah hambamu yang lemah ini. it is not an easy job though,i need to get CGPA above 3.00 and muet band 4. this is the requirement to further study in bls, bachelor in legal study. why there are hardship when i started to love,why there are many obstacle for me to achieved my dream. maybe simply because it is love and it is life..

dear friends,please pray for my success .


azmy shafiq said...
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shaun said...

U will be a good lawyer.. since ur so good at crapping haha

ahmad faiz said...

dey shaun. i will. haha

Amirah Cantik said...

ado kemahuen, ado ah jalannyo tu!

Atikah Khalil said...

ye akan didoakan. terima kasih atikah